Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Circling the Drain

No posting since January. Another Alaskan winter about to begin – although its been slow in arriving and is still parked somewhere outside of the ‘Banks. There is fast ice on the creeks and skiffs of ice on the rivers – as discovered as I flew east and north to a village today. ‘Dweller has been out in the vil somewhere on the coast for god knows how long….I just got back from being overseas and then promptly turned around and headed out to somewhere on the Yukon.

So…to resurrect this blog? Perhaps. Life stuff has definitely interfered with regular postings by the both of us. Weddings, aging parents, house selling, traveling: all that plus the usual activities of putting food up, cutting and hauling firewood, and maintaining the respective homesteads in the Valley. I hear that 'Dweller and her significant other put up a woodshed this summer – the chicken coop is still on hold for a future date. I didn’t do much around my place this summer as 1) it was a darn rainy and cold summer and 2) I spent a significant portion of it moving my parents out of their home for 46 years and that cleaned my clock. I wasn’t good for much else upon return to the 'Banks but sitting on the sofa watching really bad movies – and the Tudors. Arguably some more bad TV, but kudos for the costumes – a weird mix of 16th , 17th and 18th century styles that worked. Well – it might have driven a costume designer or historian mad, but I loved the mix.

We are certainly girding our loins for the slouching towards Gomorrah that will be the 2012 election year, though at least Palin is on the way out – with the fizzling of her little nova as it winks out to total irrelevance audible all over the media galaxy. There is also the disappointing (but not surprising) mauling that Prop 2 took in the local election – there seems to be an overabundance of dense individuals that just don’t seem to get it – that if we don’t regulate the particulates, the EPA will – and that one way or another at some point they wont be able to fire up their outdoor wood boilers and blanket -belch their neighbors with the choking fog of smoke.

I might be able to roust 'Dweller back into the hitch of regular posting on this blog - maybe we will focus on the homey aspects of life rather than venture back into the political cesspool.