Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fairbanks Icecapades: Part Deux

Well, we here at the FBH Compound are pretty thrilled to still have power after the night of freezing rain/drizzle/whatever-the-hell-that-was and heavy winds.

All night I regretted not dealing with that tree which hugs the power line. Every summer doing so is a solemn vow, and every time we get high winds and a bunch of ice, it is suddenly a recrimination.

This latest strange turn of an already odd, odd winter had, according to the News Minus, put 14,000 GVEA customers without power in the wee morning hours. Out here in our neck of the Goldstream we lost power a couple of times, but it was on after a brief time.

While sitting up and drinking coffee -- before heading out to the main road to see if it is worth trying to drive in to work as opposed to working from home through the magic of the Interweb -- we received word that some parts of Fairbanks proper still do not have power. Driving in to work to find that the building doesn't have power would be a fairly crap beginning to the day, I think.

The temperature here is hovering just above freezing, which means that where the roads aren't melting, they are likely getting coated in nice layer of frictionless surface just in time for a truly gnarly morning "rush hour."  (Such as it is here in Greater Redneckia). 

Never thought I'd say it, but I think I miss the normal cold. I'd be satisfied with a simple -20.