Saturday, April 22, 2006

By way of introduction...

Blame it all on Frank Murkowski.

After years, and I mean a substantial number of them, I've decided to do a blog. The world would, no doubt, not suffer in the least without my presence in the blogosphere. But after 13 years of residence in what the touristas, politicians and that stupid license plate hype as The Last Frontier, politics has driven me to blogging.

And to drink too much beer. 35 is too young to develop a beer gut.

A lengthier explananation will follow on why this blog's existence is all our governor's fault. But I need to get to an electronics recycling event to recycle some seriously antiquated computers.

As for Alaskan politics and politicians - well, that will be covered in the next one.

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Anonymous said...

Hello tree hugger. Nice cabin in the woods. State politics are driving me crazy..including my ex wife. I am going thru a divorce with my wife. I'm 36 and like women similar in age. No kids, also love beer, anwr, and dogs. Would you consider discussing state politics under the sheets? My friends call me "DICK"...What's your name?