Thursday, August 03, 2006

You Bad Bad Boy

Jim Clark Sends Reporter to Corner for “time out”

It was reported today that Chief O’ Staff Jim Clark yanked a reporter off the press distribution list for being “rude” (now there is the pot calling the kettle black*). As the story goes, the Clarkster took offense that independent (thank GAWD for those!) reporter Bob Tkacz walked out of a Murk press conference last week. As reported, Tkascz got frustrated when the Gov cut off his questions (now who is being rude?) and declined to stay and be merely an audience prop. Ever one to defend his boss and the American Way, Mr. Clark decided that Mr. Tkacz’s actions were – gasp! – premeditated and that his comments “crossed the line”, even though no profanity, shouting, speechifying, or other bully-pulpiting tactics were undertaken by the rogue reporter.

For those of us still unable to forget the horror of the Murk Monster’s first months in office, Jim Clark’s press hissy fit brings to mind the dread pizza pogrom. Remember when the Clarkster went on a witch hunt for those Fish and Game employees who allegedly threw a pizza party when the Ketchikan Pulp Mill shut down? Yup, that’s Jim, never one to hold a grudge** or get his shorts in a twist.

You go, Bob!

(Bob has since been reinstated to the press distribution list, after he wrote 100 times on the blackboard "I will not talk back to the Gov")

*Mr. Clark once told me to ‘shut up and go get coffee’ in an infamous meeting –to provide more details, although highly entertaining, would also be far too incriminating for FlictheBic.
**Ketchikan Pulp Mill was one of many industrial polluters for whom Jim Clark was counsel before he was tapped for Chief O’ Staff
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