Thursday, June 07, 2007

Why Knowles Lost: It Wasn't Just the Anemic Campaign

As part of Job 1.0 today, I met the Governor. And I can now report with certainty why she, not Tony Knowles, is our governor:

Men, even liberal, enlightened types, will vote for a pretty woman over another dude even if said woman is a Republican. The comments I heard from the dudes around the Job 1.0 workplace, on hearing that I would meet/had met Palin amounted to: "Ooh. Palin. Give her a big kiss for me," and "Oooh. Palin." I pointed out that:
  1. Planting one on Palin would not be the best publicity for Job 1.0
  2. She's not really my type
... but they were probably already too lost in typical male fantasizing about that sort of thing to really notice.

Even the woman present at Job 1.0 suggested we have bumperstickers printed that say, "Our Governor is hotter than your Governor."

Even Ish over at KoKon has a case of Governor Lust.

It was with some dismay that I realized that the Republicans merely need to keep running attractive women for governor and we will never elect another Democrat unless they find a more attractive one to run against her.

Tomorrow: chicken coop update. Maybe. Photos. Maybe. If I ever finish the damned thing.

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Ishmael said...

There is definitely something about her personal magnetism. I didn't feel it just seeing her on TV, but when I met her in person in January I really liked her. And not lust. I think she's too skinny. And I've known her husband since we were kids and know what a truly good guy he is. By the way, if you think his wife is pretty, you should see his sister.