Wednesday, September 12, 2007

FBI to Ben Stevens: "Kott-cha"

Nothing more needs to be said as former Rep. Pete Kott's trial on bribery, conspiracy, extortion and oh yeah, lets not forget, wire fraud gets underway.

The ADN is doing a great job with coverage - much appreciated by this former cabin dweller who would love to be sitting in the public gallery through this and all subsequent trials of the bagged members of our infamous corrupt bastards club, but alas, lacks the personal wealth sufficient to allow for that much time off.

In listening to today's audio offering on ADN's website- recorded cell phone conversations between Kott and Bill Allen - I was surprised to hear we had, and didnt know, our very own version of Larry the Cable Guy. Hmmmmmmm. Maybe a stand-up comedy circuit would have been a better post-Lege career pursuit for Kott than Barbados prison warden. GET 'ER DONE!


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Finally, the oil patch is getting cleaned up! Lynch 'em!

Ishmael said...

What gets me is that this is all shit we've known. No hard evidence like now, but we knew by the legislature has always kowtowed to industry. It was always more than just being friendly to them. And there's still sycophants like Andrew Halcro and Dan Fagan pitching for them. Bastards all.

Ishmael said...

Oh, and great hed, by the way! I'd like to see it on t-shirts... especially if Kott makes a last minute plea deal to go state's evidence against Benito!

Nicole said...

I've been amazed by the details too. Stranger than fiction.