Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Actual flier posted on UAF library bulletin board

Not to reopen the whole Christopher McCandless debate, Ish, but I had to call attention to this one. UAF Police have posted a 'Community Alert' both on fliers around campus and online:
The University of Alaska Fairbanks has become aware of a disturbing
person who is apparently targeting young females. The most recent
incident occurred on the morning of Saturday January 5, 2008, when an
unknown male approached a 9 year old female at a symphony rehearsal in
the Great Hall of the Fine Arts Complex. The male asked the female to
play her violin for him in exchange for money. The female refused and
walked away, however this is apparently not the first time this
particular male has approached young females in a suspicious manner.
The male is described as white, he appears to be in his late 20's to
early 30's, approximately 5'10-6' tall, shaggy brown hair and beard, and
with a medium build. He is usually in black or dark colored clothing,
and when asked his name, has stated "Chris McCandless" or sometimes
One: Bizarre choice of aliases, eh? One a sort of neo-hippie and the other an actual hippie-era musician. Two: That physical description applies to 96% of all the men in that age group in Fairbanks. Three: A nine year old?


Theresa said...

I almost posted that, too. Good observations. I have to admit I would add number four. Since when is it a crime to ask little girls to play their instruments? Is there something in his behaviour a tad suspiciouser than that? I hate when the public fear factor rises without sufficient proof of perversity.

Coldfoot said...

Are they holding something back? That seems odd, not disturbing.

CabinDweller said...


I thought the same thing when I first read it - but I zeroed in on the words 'most recent incident' and the fact that he asked her to play her violin for money. Weird.

Coldfoot, I would suspect the cops are holding back info. They frequently do.

And the cops have to cover their butts and let parents know this has happened (probably a parent who reported it in the first place.) They'd be in hellaciously hot water if something did happen and they'd known this info and sat on it.

Of course, he could just be an oddball.