Thursday, February 21, 2008

More Good Uses for Modern Technology

Yes, that is my large monitor that is now most effective as a bulletin board. Why would I be using it for a sticky-note parking lot as opposed to a means to reduce eye strain from using my laptop's smaller screen?

Well, because I have thrown in the towl on trying to debug the many and varied problems with this Sony Vaio (word to the wise - add it to the list of laptops to avoid along with Dells and their fiery batteries). Actually, I love the Vaio because it's feather light, which means it does go everywhere with me. The problem is both technological and administrative - the latter a case of the left hand not working with the right.

Because, see, the campus technology store sells Vaios and Macs. You would think then, that the campus Office of Information Technology, our go-to geeks for help, would support Vaios and Macs. And you would be wrong.

They support Macs and Dells (those of the burning batteries and other annoying aspects), but not Sonys. Sooooo, when my Vaio went paws up when I tried to plug in an external hard drive, and - heaven forbid - a printer, I was pretty much SOL. Except that an OIT tech did valiantly work for over three weeks to rebuild my laptop. And that tech did get the printer and hard drive working at the same time. But then my external monitor quit working. So apparently, more than two peripherals is taking a real gamble on this particular model (believe you me, whenever I plug in something else, like my camera or shuffle, I hold my breath -waiting for the whole thing to crap the bed).

At which point, I quit and decided the monitor worked best as a post-it board.

And never mind about the DVD drive that from day one refused to write to read/writable CDs and DVDs - nope it won't write and it won't play DVDs. Since a fix of that magnitude requires sending the whole kit and caboodle back to Sony, I now use, in a nod to that iconic Dilbert cartoon, the DVD drive as a cup holder.


Ishmael said...

I hesitate to ask, since it's almost as volatile a question as R or D, but ... why not go with a Mac? They're not perfect, but they're close. Well, closer. Much closer. Okay, they're darn near perfect. I have three of them and love them to bits! I can even run windoze programs on them if I want (haven't since I got new scanner software).

CabinDweller said...

Well, I don't know about Flic, with whom I sympathize deeply because I've had nothing but bad experiences with Sony Vaio's ... but I am far too wedded to the damned PC format to change.

I can take apart a PC, troubleshoot it, heck, I just built myself a gaming machine (do you hear the sound of geek here?) - but I feel utterly shut out by Macs. I recognize how awesome they are, but like an old jalopy with 200,000+ miles, I am familiar enough with their quirks to work on them.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

You mean that little thingy that pops out of the side ISN'T a cup holder???? What's a DVD and if you burn them do you get a lot of BTU's from them? Might help in the winter.

FlictheBic said...

Well, 'Dweller more or less hit it - I have been IBM since the days when it was IBM for a personal computer (before there were "desktops") and nothing HP, no Dell, no Sony. I got started on the IBM/DOS track and never made the fact I initially hated it when Bill ripped off Apple and stole the Windows concept - because I was more into the programming, line command stuff and didnt like the shells. It still makes me feel like I dont really know what is going on with my machine, and its only gotten worse. I have used Macs a bit and, as 'Dweller said, I feel way more shut out of those machines than I do on the PCs.

Deirdre Helfferich said...

Old DVDs and CDs make great shingles. Shiny, too--keeps the ravens entertained.

Me, I'm a Mad Mac groupie. I don't HAVE to know how to take my computer apart and put it back together. But, if I really wanted to, I could mess around with its programming all I want because of the whaddycallem, ProTools? they welcome open source software fiddling.

Course, nobody in their right mind would want ME messing around with their programming innards.