Saturday, October 04, 2008

Attila the Mom

Boosterism on Crack

Words fail me. How to really convey the utter trailer-trash tackiness of the latest Palin-booster T-shirt that I recently discovered?

Where to start? With the awful not-pun of Attila the Mom? How about the (presumably) Downs Syndrome babe tucked in the sled basket? Or maybe its the visual assault of polar bears as sled dogs?

Then there is the hyperbole blaring across the bottom:


(Feared? By whom? State employees who don't embrace her fundamentalist views? Walt Monegan? The Wasilla librarian who refused to ban the book Mayor Palin found offensive?)

And finally, just in case there was any fight left in those of us who believe that a candidate for national office should actually know something about domestic and foreign policy, there's the coup d' grace:

Alaska's Hottest Governor, America's Toughest Vice President

Really, it's so wrong on so many levels.


BAYMAN said...

I was chilled by Palin's behavior on stage immediately after the vice presidential debate. She used to gather her children around her in public and on stage. After the debate, she paid no attention to them. They might have belonged to someone else in the audience. She did hold Trig long enough to pat him on the back a few times before handing him off to someone. It was so fast, I didn't see to whom he was given. It's obvious, to me anyway, that where her children are concerned, she is heartless. She is entirely indifferent. It's no wonder one reads about the older ones being involved with drugs and pregnancy. (Does Track have children?) As a mother, I am deeply saddened to think about the lives of her children.
As for the t-shirt, I'm not an Alaskan, so I don't know; I can but ask: Should the polar bears be drowning?
Is the t-shirt the product of a fan or a Palin product? If it is, in fact, a Palin product, it is yet more reason for fear. She's got that part right.

gpc said...

Yup, speechless.

gpc said...

(BTW, I am still eagerly awaiting a photo of the Obama buttons!)


CabinDweller said...

Yeah, Attila probably hasn't been used a positive description of anyone before, assuming that the person making the comparison actually knew anything about history.

It's kind of like that Bruce Springsteen song, "Born in USA." If you actually listen to the words it is totally not some stupid fist-pumping mindless anthem. But there folks are, mindlessly screaming along with the chorus.

CabinDweller said...

Oh, and Obama button pics will follow. Moving has been a prolonged affair.

subarctic mama said...

Yuck. And I thought the "Our Mama beats your Obama" on sale at a local feed store was annoying.