Thursday, June 18, 2009

Channeling Gunga-din

This is a picture of:

  1. a suppurating cancer photo op exploited by an obsessed pathologist,

  2. a cross section of this blogger's brain,

  3. a beached man o' war, or

  4. a really weird fungus.

Those who marked "4" are correct; this hideously oozy thing is currently growing, weeping and fruiting (or whatever it is that fungi do) on a birch stump in my back yard.

But #2 is also a possible answer.

Stalwart readers who have kept up with us over the last few years probably have noticed that for a number of months now there has been just one water carrier on this blog....

...and, it ain't me.

At some point last winter my brain moseyed out of fertile fields of imagination into the Empty Quarter - a vast expanse of mundane thought and dreary story lines. For awhile I sat back figuring it would pass.

But it hasn't. Nothing jogs the noggin. Nothing. I figured the news that Kott & Kohring are going to go free would twang a little pang of need to write, but nope. Still wandering the Quarter.

It's a long dry spell and it looks to get even longer and drier before it breaks. Even around the old suburban homestead, nothing has jumped out and screamed - "write about me!" Oh sure, there is the immensely creepy and oozy 'what-the-hell-is-that?" fungus, the drop dead in his tracks rooster, and a few other quirky goings-on, but even those fail to jell a story line.

Guess 'Dweller is going to be water wallah a bit longer.


CabinDweller said...

Wow. Gross.

FlictheBic said...

Yeah, its all black and even ickier now - six hours later. Its like the fungus from hell.

Anonymous said...

Good Golly! Thank you for this! I am feeling much better about my own recent cessation of noteworthy bloggage!

Fruit-flavored, brain-shaped, tree-mold?!? That is EDGY!!!