Sunday, July 26, 2009


And I'm not witty enough to have come up with that myself, so, props to you, oh witty person somewhere out there. You know who you are.

Thoughts had been entertained about attending the soon-to-be-ex Gov's picnic today, but really, I have more important things to do -- continuing my own personal war on bird vetch, for one thing. The bad date is finally over. Perhaps we will choose more wisely next time?

But will the statewide and national fixation on an empty power suit finally wane? Can I again read some of my fave Outside sites, i.e. Salon, the Times, etc. and NOT encounter a Palin headline? Open a random entertainment magazine at the doctors office and not find a story there? Will the media finally stop feeding this idiocy by turning away unless it is a story worth covering? Will progressive bloggers finally stop patting themselves on the back and writing about progressive blogs?

These are questions I can not answer. But today's Squarebanks' event marks the end of her brief tenure as Gov. Which brings to mind my alternative header, which was "Don't Let the Door Hit You in the Ass..."

Many things about the Palinista Era chap my ass:
  • The first woman elected governor of the state of Alaska not only quit, she did a pretty crappy job. Why couldn't Fran Ulmer have made it there first?
  • The much publicized hiring freeze that wasn't. Talk to any of your state employee friends about this one.
  • Her profound disinterest in doing the job she was elected to do once elected. Legislators in Juneau wearing "Where's Sarah" buttons being the most obvious sign.
  • At times, I found myself wanting to defend her, because once again, the ways in which female politicians are criticized are different than the way male politicians are. Can we finally retire the S&M, dominatrix cartoons?
  • As much as I think she did a crap job, I am annoyed by the ways in which class-based stereotypes were used by others who were critical of her administration. And I am ashamed to have used them myself.
  • The whole freaking world now pays attention to Alaskan politics and our podunkery is laid out for all the world to see. Ignored, of course, is the fact that we are not all Wasillans and our podunkery is in many cases only skin deep. There are a lot of liberal, libertarianish, tree-hugging (and even bunny-hugging) peeps out here. Many of us are edumacated.
  • I can't go anywhere Outside without someone asking me about Her. Such questions have replaced igloo and polar bear questions for sheer annoyance.
  • She has paid more attention to Rural Alaska since announcing her resignation than she did when she was still governor. I'm sure all her photo ops in the Bush will be recycled one day for campaign (and possibly evangelical missionary propaganda) materials. It doesn't mean she has gained a freaking clue.
  • This year-plus freak show has obscured all the real issues in the state: the costs of generating electricity in rural areas, the cost of fuel oil to heat homes, the truly dismal king salmon season in places, progress on the freaking gas line -- which contrary to a Camille Paglia bizarro piece in Salon -- is not an accomplishment yet so much as a work in progress, the continuing failure to diversify our economy, the rejection of federal stimulus funds, our leadership (in a bad way) in the areas of alcoholism and sexual assault, etc.
Can we please talk about something else now?


KaJo said...

"There are a lot of liberal, libertarianish, tree-hugging (and even bunny-hugging) peeps out here."

Libertarianism is all fine and good if you're Ron Paul and you represent Texas, a "donor" state that maybe, might be able to support itself (except in case of hurricanes).

But if you're a "states rights" supporter or libertarian in Alaska, one of the 3 most federally subsidized states, what are you going to do for "free market", "lower taxes" and that sovereignty that Alaskans yearn for?

....When oil production is decreasing, no gas line is built and won't be built for years (even within state only), fishing rights don't bring the state much revenue, a lot of folks have migrated up to Alaska solely for the Permanent Fund dividend, more than there are jobs for, it seems -- especially in this recession...

I just wonder how well thought out the "libertarianism" bend is, in Alaska.

Or is that where secession comes in? Secede, then declare Alaska as a Third World country, and ask for foreign aid...

I'll bet Vladimir Putin would be just delighted if that happened.

CabinDweller said...


I'm aware of the inherent contradictions in Alaska's navel-gazing brand of libertarianism. Many have noted the logical inconsistencies therein. (And note I said 'libertarianish', implying in my mind a flavor or hint of libertarianism.)

I covered the general goofiness of Alaskan political thought in the Primers. See

CabinDweller said...

Whoops, that doesn't work.

Just click on the Label at right marked "AK Political Primer."

TwoYaks said...

I went to the picnic, and had a great time watching the craziness. Parnell, for his utter lack of charisma, came off as a brilliant scholar after Palin's speach.

I look forward to people thinking we're part of Canada again.

KaJo said...

I went, CabinDweller, I read, and see now I do (in my best Yoda-like voice). Thanks!

Deirdre Helfferich said...

The last (very last) Sarah-as-dominatrix cartoon has been published in this month's Ester Republic. Or at least, the last one in that pub; can't speak for editors elsewhere.

Thank god she's out of office.

CabinDweller said...

Imagine, my friends, a Post Palin Alaska.

It's near. Might be a year, might be a few. But it's coming.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to people thinking we're part of Canada again.

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