Saturday, August 01, 2009


Sometimes vows are made to be broken. Like my vow of some months ago not to ever again blog about she-who-shall-not-be-named. And quite possibly, the marriage vows of the Palins - those paradigms of family values.

"Affairs on both sides" trumpets the Alaska Report, as this thing burns through the internet faster than the Wood River fire that is torching black spruce south of Fairbanks. More alluring is the tidbit that Sarah may have purchased land in Montana and is considering moving there.

Of course Meg Stapleton is denying, denying, denying - as of three hours ago. The Sarah Palin camp has always been shy on transparency, so why should they be playing level now? The scuttlebutt around some walks of Wasilla is that this is not new news. There were many other things out of Wasilla that were hotly denied by the Palin propaganda machine, only to later be proven true.

As is the case here. Maybe they are divorcing, maybe they are not - only time will tell if its just those troublesome "lefty bloggers" (guilty as charged Ms. Stapleton) spreading more filth and lies about the pure Palins.

However, if this particular grapevine bears fruit, all I can say is "Hallelujah, hallelujah!" And not about the impending divorce. Nope. I am a' praying right now that the rumor that she is moving to Montana is true. Could it be possible that in one week we will not only get rid of her as governor, but get rid of her all together? Please, Montana, take her. She's yours.

One thing to note, if this is one more nail that she is busily pounding into her political coffin, she is definitely proving her mettle as a Christian fundamentalist leader: monogamy, modesty, and moral behavior is for everyone else but her (and Ted Haggard and Jim Baker, and Mark Sanford and Larry Craig, and....)

And if a little color does show up in the bottom of the old gold pan after all, with this vein playing out to be something other than fool's gold, then maybe Alaska finally has a chance to fade back into the obscurity it once enjoyed. A place most people, if they thought about us at all, thought contained only Eskimos, igloos, gold and the occasional grizzled prospector.


Anonymous said...

i thought of alaska fairly often, as I would love to visit. I think of it as being huge, and cold, and not over-populated. what population there is, I've thought would be no-nonsense-y, cantankerous, self-sufficient, and possessing superior thermal underwear ( a longtime goal of mine, seriously). and I mean all those things in a great way.
like your blog, esp. the title. will be visiting again.

CabinDweller said...

Everyone should visit Alaska!

Well, it is HUGE. Cold, in winter - though there are places waaaaaaaaaay down southeast that are more temperate rainforest than tundra -- think of people freaking out over an inch of snow. But we do have the cantankerous thing down pretty well, whether one be a Palinist or an Esteroid.

Welcome. And you won't need superior thermal underwear for a few more months.

Anonymous said...

Yeah..every one should visit and should know about this..

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