Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Finally, Chilling Out

 Yep, it's here.

When I went out last night to check on the dog, the rain had frozen to the top of the dog box.  (The dog was nowhere to be seen, having tunnelled out of the pen to go after one of the many neighborhood rabbits whose mere existence offends her.)

(At right: the scene this morning on the deck.)

Hello again, blog reading peoples!  I've been on a seasonally induced hiatus (read: sulk) since, oh, shortly after the likelihood that the Goldstream was going to go up in flames was still pretty high.  Oh, I was thrilled for that rain that slowed all the fire down, but it was the turning point this year.  Suddenly, it was FALL.

Fall has always been a terrible season for me.  Winter?  Cold, dark, but strangely comforting and a nice breather from running around trying to get stuff done.  Spring?  Just a leafy prelude to summer.  Summer?  Hello, months-long manic episode!  But fall? 

Usually, early in the fall, my temper gets shorter and I run about saying things like, "If this relationship doesn't work out, I'm never living with anyone ever again!"  At which point, my friends remind me that I say that EVERY year.  So far, I've veered between unhealthy doses of pop music, homemade peartinis, a return to working out, and replaying Half Life 2 on the hardest setting.

The political situation has not helped.  Part of my silence has been due to near toxic levels of annoyance with the vast amounts of stupidity one can witness by simply watching the news.  The Anchorage ordinance thingey, 'death panels', idiots carrying guns to town hall meetings ... I have been stunned into annoyed silence. 

The arrival of cold, fresh air seems to be helping.  Thanks to Flic for carrying this thing while I've been off sullking like a two year old.  

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