Monday, August 09, 2010

Red Gold: Little Flavor Bombs

We've been playing hooky, again, Flic and I.  In our defense, the world is being kooky and appalling enough that surely, how important is it to point that out?  La Palinista Supreme continues to generate headlines, so things are okay at least in Wasilla.  (From the perspective of the Wasillians, obviously.)


When the times get tough, or too annoying, and it is June-August in Alaska, the wise woman goes dipnetting.  Had another lovely time perched on a rock waiting for the bump of a red salmon.  And bonus!  Got there in time ahead of the hordes of people directed to Chitina by the ADN article the week prior.  Spent most of the last week processing:  brining fish, smoking fish, drying fish, drying and smoking fish... and enjoying the delicacy that is red caviar.  It doesn't keep that long and I refuse to try to can it.  It is awesome (particularly on a hot day with a cold beer) and oh-so-fleeting, a once a year treat.  If you're harvesting salmon and don't try to make it at least once, I suspect you are a closet Tea Party member.

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