Friday, July 05, 2013

Independence Day in the Peoples Independent Republic of Ester

Not only did we get to take in Ester's 4th of July Parade yesterday, we finally got some rain around here! 

For those of  you unfortunate enough to live elsewhere, the 4th in Ester is a quirky, humorous lefty affair.  Some participants go for weird, others for a political message, and there has usually been a flying pig involved.

This year's parade was smaller than when I last attended several years ago, but still had the same oddball spirit.  My particular favorites were the folks running an "anti-bird vetch" campaign locally, the discount drone man, and the Ester VFD's dance interpretation of "Staying Alive" for the crowd gathered at the Golden Eagle.  I don't think any of the other VFD's would even try to pull that one off.

Anti-bird vetch advocates spreading the message.

Discount drones, coming soon to a Fred Meyer guncase near you.

Kudos to the Ester VFD for the best choreographed entry.

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