Friday, January 24, 2014

Winter, interrupted

It's 35 degrees here in the Goldstream Valley this morning.

But it's January.

Rising temperatures yesterday brought fog to the College Road area.
Yesterday, morning, freezing rain started to coat the world in a fine patina of ice. In the afternoon, Fairbanks Police were advising that certain roads were closed; the rumors had Ballaine Hill impassable and Ballaine itself marginally driveable.

I took the long way around to get home, via the University, Sheep Creek Road and Goldstream.  It was slow going in a line of vehicles (not led by a Subaru, usually the cliche) about 25-30 mph.

This a.m., state offices are delaying opening, a sled dog race is cancelled, and the kiddies have another "ice day" off from school. 

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jamie said...

Always thought it rather ironic on how many of the vehicles seen in ditches are usually the big ol’ manly rigs: Subarus tend to be more like early mammals scurrying around the feet of the dinosaurs.

Sat at the base of Miller Hill and watches folks spiral out of control for a bit before doing the same thing as you and drove all the way around campus to access Yankovich from the other side.

Personally I can’t wait for the first hatching of very confused mosquitoes to emerge, right in time for temps to plummet back to “normal.” Whatever THAT is anymore…