Tuesday, August 19, 2014

As if it needed to be said, "VOTE."

The robocalls have been numerous in the last few days, although they generally don't kick over to the answering machine.  (Yes, I am enough of a Luddite that I still have a landline... which has totally proven useful when someone *had* to find me... but I am enough of a realist to carry the damned smartphone.) The only one of note was from Elizabeth Stevens, yes, daughter of the late Uncle Ted. Not surprisingly, she was against Prop. 1.

I don't expect this to sway anyone, as likely, anyone stumbling across this wee little bit of blogging is likely a flaming liberal as well. But remember folks:

Corporations are not people, no matter how many television ads are produced that attempt to anthropomorphize them and assign them human values or motivations.

They do not exist to create jobs. They exist to make a profit for their shareholders.

If a corporation can make more money by employing less  people, they will do so.

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