Sunday, October 08, 2006

Dog or Alien? You Decide

Well, Rosario, possible-dog, possible-alien, is recuperating nicely. I'd planned on a stylish picture of her with her Cone of Death* but I am tired of dealing with her and it together.

And it turns out duct tape is quite useful in dog bandaging. It's not easy to keep the dressings dry - but with a cut up grocery bag and the silver stuff, presto! Dog-bandage-protector thingey. Ro has a check up appointment on her not inexpensively repaired foot in a few hours and the dressing has survived 4.5 days of... her.

Oh, and I get .5 CabinDwelling points for incorporating duct tape into a medical circumstance.**

I'm off to my hometown, Motown, for two whole weeks, so Flic will be picking up the slack I hope, ranting as she does so well. And I will point out that I did not time the vacation to coincide with playoff season - it is mere good fortune that the Tigers have somehow*** ended up in the running for the first time since I was in high school.

Yikes. That was back in the Reagan Years.

*Known in veterinary-type circles as an "Elizabethan Collar." Based on the amount of damage she inflicts when wearing one, Cone of Death more accurately describes it.
** You get more points for medical circumstance involving humans; points awarded for degree of difficulty, ingenuity, and seriousness of the medical circumstance.
***Excellent pitching.


Anonymous said...


Detroit? Motown? Will miss your blogs...Detroit isn't without internet connections...keep up the blog.

Don't you mention you're from Bush could you if you're from Detroit? What about your use of Newbies?

"Newbie Alaskan, not from Bush, Alaska"

CabinDweller said...

Aw shucks, thanks.

Detroit, yes. And I have to say that all along my journey back, every time I say that that is where I'm headed, the reply is invariably, "I'm sorry."

[Sigh.] Like a certain little boozy Alaskan town, Detroit just can't get any respect.

Yes, actually born there/here. But spent my 'formative' Alaska years, ten of em', in rural AK. (And only 1.5 in Anchorage; those were the longest 1.5 years in my life.) So like a salmon, I'm imprinted on that original location. :)

Of course, this could prompt a long debate about when one ceases to be a 'newbie' (and if ever in some quarters)... but I'm shortly approaching a time when the time lived Outside is less than the time lived in our frozen little Shangri La.

And yes, there is Internet here, but my el cheapo father gets about 28kbps on his dialup connection. It's painful, I tell you.