Friday, October 27, 2006

Goodbye Shoebox, Hello San Salvatore

Okay, that is such an obscure reference that I suspect only one person on earth will get it.*

It's been a good interval of silence, I think, largely brought about by: 1) my trip back east and 2) the fact that I can't really blog at work right now. Obviously, it's hard to blog from someone else's computer when they have a crap dialup connection. The real problem is that, of late, I've had to do more work at work, with less time for a diversion to the blog. Of course, my boss will probably end up reading this.

I'm working right now, just not for the next 30 seconds. Really.

Most of my good ideas, rare though they are, come to me at inappropriate times. The muse never visits when I'm trying, she tends to wait until I have actual work things that I'm not fond of and tempts me to procrastinate just a bit longer or have a beer or something.

On occasion, she brings manhattans.

But before I return attention to my job here, I must announce that I am moving.

Not from Squarebanks, or even the Goldstream Valley. But people, I am moving on up. Or over, actually. I am vacating the craptastic cabin this weekend to a larger, less craptastic one. It's actually quite nice and a whole lot bigger. We might even be able to play bean bags indoors.
I'm contemplating buying roller blades just so I can do laps around the downstairs.

That's right, there are two stories even.

But still no running water. What did you think, I was going all posh?

Pictures will undoubtedly surface after the move and the celebratory drinking housewarming, and possibly even a political post. Damn. I missed a lot while I was gone.

*The villa in a not particularly great Merchant-Ivoryesque movie called "Enchanted April."

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Hello tree hugger. Nice cabin in the woods. State politics are driving me crazy..including my ex wife. I am going thru a divorce with my wife. I'm 36 and like women similar in age. No kids, also love beer, anwr, and dogs. Would you consider discussing state politics under the sheets? My friends call me "DICK"...What's your name?