Sunday, February 18, 2007

Jesus H--- Camp! It's the American Jihad

OK, well I am sure this is not news anywhere Outside of Squarebanks, but I just happened to pick up a copy of Jesus Camp last week. Our 16-plex stocks the expected: the latest Ice Age sequel-tillion, mind-numbing date flicks, and whatever violent action, drug gang, cop shop type movie Hollywood most recently churned out, so keeping up with the cinematic Jones takes effort. But even so – a documentary that frankly shows the ugly underbelly of fundamentalist brainwashing of children? As they say in the Mafia flicks (a genre I love) – Fugeddaboutit! It isn’t going to be on a big screen here, (unless the Loon screens it – hint, hint!), not ever.

So, no, I had never heard about Jesus Camp, until it caught my eye in the local Movie Gallery. It’s a scary movie, and if anyone out there in the saner parts of our society still doubts that we have amongst us the neo-con Taliban, they need doubt no longer. One might think that perhaps the difference between our home-grown fundamentalists and those hanging out in parts Middle Eastern is that our X-ian fundamentalists don’t preach martyrdom and don’t train up their young-uns to go Jihad, but fugeddabout dat too. Maybe Becky Fischer – Pentecostal day camp matron – and subject of the movie – ain’t promising virgins, but that is about the only difference. She IS preaching religious intolerance, she IS instilling hatred and she IS brainwashing youth. The camp IS militaristic in nature, and although those kids aren’t learning how to pull the pins out of grenades, she and others running the camp are fanning the flames of mob violence in the name of their own perverted view of X-ianity. Hey, in a dark room where you cant tell if one is wearing a long beard and a turban, or a polyester pants suit and hair spray – there really isn’t much else that sets Becky Fischer apart from those that we have been instructed by our government to call t*****ists.*

Rent the movie. Visit this website:

* The US Patriot Act and other secret laws prevent me from using the actual word, or in anyway suggesting something that could be construed as “unpatriotic” and thus, treasonous.

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Deirdre Helfferich said...

The Blue Loon ALREADY showed Jesus Camp, Flic. You missed it...