Friday, February 23, 2007

In a Deep Funk - Musings on Putin, No. 1

Coming up on the end of a very tumultuous and yes, at times tortured involvement that – curses on the electronic age – was memoralized for me by my good friend CabinDweller, and delivered to me last night in the form of a massive pdf file of past emails appropriately titled “the Compendium”. All of this the outcome, I maintain, of a casual remark by same, which to quote precisely was “what the hell, why not?” This was in response to my question if I should explore possibilities of van-related fun. Well, many, many days and some great times and trips later (of the road/air/river variety, not the sort involving ‘shrooms or anything else, though sometimes I wonder wouldn’t that have helped?) – I am pondering that rhetorical retort, indeed, and can think of many reasons why not – but its all water under the bridge. Last year at this time we were coming back well tanned, rested and much in happiness from Mexico – unlikely a trip to be repeated, especially since I now have the compendium to keep me sane and in line whenever my resolve starts to crumble. I guess it is fair to say we will always have Sante Fe, Mexico, Scottsdale, Red Slough and other places both near and far to remember. But right now its time to come up for air and gather back some sanity and balance.

Which is no doubt what was in General Nikolai Solovtsov’s mind when he lashed out at the US’s bozo proposal to build a Missile Defense System in Poland and Czech Republic. I haven’t taken much note of Russia and its President prior to this – but I have to say, he is rising in rank on my list of heroes in this sorry-ass mess those Rapture Freaks running our gummint have sent us into.

I am with Vlad when he expressed strong distrust of the US’ claims that “the system would be to guard the American East Coast and Europe from missiles launched by ‘rogue nations’ in the Middle East.” [1] Oh come on! Who in the international set (lets not ask nationally, since we know the X-ian Right is hell-bent on an Armageddon of their own creation) is really going to believe that line of horse shit? As someone who unwillingly[2] lives a scant 80 miles from our own back forty of missile silos comprising the totally ineffective MDS for the alleged “rogue nation” of North Korea, I am in total agreement with Putin. It has given me terrible back shivers to fly over Alaska’s MDS field – it looks like something out of Dr. Strangelove – and harkens me back to a time when Russia and the US were indeed poised with their fingers over the triggers. And now we have Dubya and his warhawks fanning those flames again.

I hope Poland and the Czech Republic take the good Russian general’s warnings seriously and decline to allow the US to establish more bulkheads in yet more countries. When is a nation, or a coalition of nations, going to stop this ill-conceived imperialism, and liberate those of us who are trying to survive the crazy and dangerous antics of the Rapture Freaks? It cant happen too soon.

[1] Moscow warns Czechs and Poles on U.S. shield, International Herald Tribune, February 19, 2007
[2] because like a vast majority of transplants, I am no longer suitable for or suited to Lower 48 living, thus cannot envision leaving Squarebanks, despite its proximity to the Ft. Greely test bed.
Photo of the Ft. Greely Missile Defense System, Alaska, (c)


CabinDweller said...

All advice given by CabinDweller, including the usage decision matrix, "What the Hell, Why Not?" should be taken with a block of salt. What the Hell does she know, anyway?

"What the Hell, Why Not?" should not be used by in conjunction with alcohol or while operating heavy machinery. Some side effects may occur with the use of "What the Hell, Why Not?" including loss of employment, unplanned pregnancies, shoddy repair work, and poor decision making with regard to relations with members of the same and/or opposite sex.

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Fear not, I have the solution.

The american way. Ignorance and laziness.

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