Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hats off to the Men in Black

Corrupt Bastards Chickens Come Home to Roost
I am not usually a big, vocal fan of law enforcement, but a shout out to our local FBI agents who have outdone themselves in white collar crime investigation - rooting out not only the Rev. and Mrs. Hayes (who are beginning to look like very small potatoes compared to the Lemon Creek* gang) but also the "Honorable" Senators A & B, Representatives Kohring and Kott, former Representatives Weyhrauch and Anderson and now the Messieurs Allen and Smith.

These are the salad days, my friends, for those of us who have endured four years of "Frank-the-Bank" and his cronies, and have, for even longer, watched Big Oil and its arrogant minions thumb their noses at the people of this state - many of whom are living in remote communities in decidedly third-world conditions. To say nothing of the rest of us who struggle to meet our monthly bills as fuel and electricity rates skyrocket while Big Oil posts record obscene annual profits and cries poverty whenever the lege proposes additional taxes or royalty increases that would go towards stopping the State from giving away Alaska's oil for practically nothing.

This promises to be juicy for months to come - with many memorable quotes as the sordid story unfolds. To start, here are some of my current favs, along with my editorial comments:
  • "I just want to be the warden in Barbados", Kott [People, savor the irony in this one. Seems more likely to be a federal pen in the lower 48 and a stint as inmate not warden for our soon-to-be defrocked Kott]

  • "You'll get your gas line, the governor gets his bill, and I'll get my job in Barbados ", Kott to Smith, a VECO vice president, referring to his desire for the plum job of warden at a new prison in Barbados under construction by VECO.

  • "I'm going to get this fucking gas line done so I can get out of here", Kott in a January 2006 phone call to Bill Allen [kudos to the wire tap team]

  • "Mr. Stevens was surprised [and no doubt dismayed] to learn that Bill Allen and Rick Smith pleaded guilty to various federal crimes today and hopes that neither one of them is falsely [heaven forbid] accusing former and current members of the Alaska state Legislature of crimes in order to mitigate the consequence of their own admitted criminality [last-ditch and weak effort to save his client's ass]." John Wolf, attorney representing Senator Ben Stevens; editorial comments mine.

  • "The public doesn't give a damn what I do for my money", Ben Stevens in 1994 [sorry, Ben, indeed, the public does give a damn how you earn your money, considering you are supposed to be representing all your constituents, not just the ones that line your pocket with cash.]

  • "I own your ass", Allen to Kott (federal allegation)[need any more be said??]

  • "[Kohring] would kiss our ass", Allen to Smith after Allen gave Kohring $1,000; (federal allegation)

  • I have little doubt that tomorrow's news will reveal that the mysterious Senator B is indeed Ben Stevens...let's see what your daddy can do for you now, Ben!

    Note: Mr Roo and his ladies agreed to pose as models only on the condition that it be known that they come by their chicken feed honestly and legally

    *local state pen in Juneau