Sunday, August 19, 2007

Oh Summer, Whereart Thou?

Above: Darla, at her former residence in Kasilof, prior to the Anchorage trailer park, prior to her new home in the Goldstream Valley. Note: We get an additional 50 CabinDwelling points for having a vintage, somewhat running automotive monstrosity parked on the property.
Don't be fooled by the lovely, warm summery days we've had for the last few days. Summer is on the ropes, which means it is time for an evaluation of The Great Big Honking Summer To Do List:
  1. Renovate the decrepit building on the property into a suitable house for chickens. Status: Incomplete, 0 chickens raised.
  2. In a related household compromise, build rabbit hutch and raise rabbits instead. Status: No hutch built, hence, no bunny killing required.
  3. Plant and maintain a decent garden. Status: Sort of. Plants were planted, some even from seed started here at the Compound, but not much has resulted, other than I've become something of an obsessive/compulsive weeder. But there is hope yet in the form of beets, potatoes and carrots.
  4. Build fence for garden to prevent reoccurance of moose caused brussel sprout calamity. Status: Poles are stacked neatly next to garden. 0 homegrown brussel sprouts and broccoli consumed by me, 5 plants consumed by the itinerant moose population.
  5. Pick a vast quantity of blueberries, raspberries and nagoonberries for winter consumption and some terrific blueberry daiquiris. Status: A whopping 10 raspberries picked; several quart bags of blueberries picked by S.O. and sort of in-laws; and, I now know what a nagoonberry is.
  6. Catch salmon this year. Status: 29 reds and a king, quyannakpak, a nice split between fillets, steaks and smoked fish.
  7. Catch halibut Status: S.O. got to go on a charter with friends; halibut vacuum-packed in freezer.
  8. Move freezer to back of house where it is less of an eyesore. Status: Moved. I accidentally unplugged it rendering the remainder of last year's fishing/gathering a pungent blue mess at the bottom of the freezer. Note: if you can't lift a freezer, it is possible to move it by duct taping it shut and rolling it end over end up the hill, through the trees, around the cabin. Also, it is no longer tilty.
  9. Even more razor clamming. Status: 2 trips to Ninilchik, ~ 260 clams in freezer. Dirt is still embedded under my fingernails.
  10. Cut, haul, split firewood for winter. Status: Incomplete. Damn, damn, damn.
  11. Build wood shed. Status: This isn't really necessary yet.
  12. Gravel the muddy path to house, outhouse. Status: Halfway there. I'm on it. Tomorrow, on the day off.
  13. Spray foam under leaky parts underneath cabin. Visqueen underneath. Status: Not even started yet.
  14. Put in window on second story where none exists. Status: Have measured hole in wall.
  15. Retrieve Darla from her home in an Anchorage trailer park. Status: Friend towed her up here, which was cheaper than buying the gas. Note: Darla is a 1970 Cadillac Eldorado.


Ishmael said...

Have you got the visqueen inside and outside your windows? Nailed down the ratty tar paper? Cleaned out the innards of the Monitor Stove's fuel and exhaust systems? Found the wool socks, hat, gloves? Had the down vest/coat/comforter dry cleaned? Removed all potential boobytraps down the path to the outhouse so when the snow comes they don't trip and kill you? Had your chimney swept? Changed the filter on your stove oil tank? Found your snow tires? Restrung those snowshoes?

Ah, the joys of life as a cabin dweller; I sure don't miss them....

CabinDweller said...

No! Stop! No adding items to the list!

And besides, that is the summer list, not the fall list.

Super Smooth ANDY-G said...


Darla...when can we meet???



Theresa Bakker said...

When you get those chickens, can I buy some eggs? Thanks for putting me on your Alaska blogs list. Happy getting ready for winter.