Saturday, August 11, 2007

One More Item to Check Off the List of Things to Be Done, Lifewise


The Cake show at the Blue Loon last night was the best one I've ever been to, ever. I'm in awe.

Years ago, back when the reign of the cassette tape had not yet ended, I used to tell people that I bet that Cake would be amazing to see live. And I was right!

No pics as of yet, won't have any until The Brit gets gets back from caribou hunting, but just imagine hundreds of ecstatic, drunken, dancing Fairbanks people singing along to the show outdoors on a beautiful, late summer night. The Loon had a separate partition for the under 21 crowd, so there were a bunch of thrilled little young things who drove up from Anchorage, where the venues are not so enlightened. There was more body surfing on that side of the fence, and it wasn't that we were more lame on the adult side, but that body surfers tend to make you spill your beer.

Lots of my fellow Goldstream Valley CabinDwelling types were in attendance. I saw quite a number of friends, but it was so crowded that once you lost track of someone, it was pret near impossible to find them.

At one point, lead singer John McRae observed:

"Wow. You're like a medieval village."

The crowd wasn't exactly sure what he meant by that, but chose to take it as a compliment and howled in approval.

You know how cool Cake is? They even covered a Buck Owens' tune.


Anonymous said...

Well, FBHb, Cake was alright.
The atmosphere was fun, granted. But why leave like 80 minutes after traveling god-only-knows how long to hang out in Fairbanks? Did the Loon stiff them or something?
I guess I've been spoiled by a number of concerns in the mainland, but Cake was just okay ... they squeeked toward, but may have come up short of, "earning" the $35 charge.
I had fun though, mkust say. Good to see so many people jumping around and laughing without puking.
While I'm rampaging, can anyone play anything aside from bluegrass up here?

CabinDweller said...

Okay, granted, the show was short.

And, must add, I haven't seen a real concert in years. Years! Usually, bigger acts like Cake only make it up here long after their prime, like a lot of the washed up metal bands. So I was very excited just to see Cake here.

As for the things other than bluegrass, I haven't been going out as much to see live music (despite my New Years vow) so I can't give you good advice.

There are a number of jam bands, and if you love country, (and not the crap they call country on the radio) I'm currently digging a band called Hillbilly Mafia.

The Marlin tends to book non-bluegrass acts - though they do the bluegrass too!