Thursday, December 27, 2007

Better Late Than Never, the Latest Poll Results

So, apparently people think I ought to fix Francesca. Did I mention how much it is gonna cost? We're talking a ballpark of $650 to pull out her guts and reseal the durned thing in the hopes of ending the oil leak that might cause her to catch on fire some day.

However, Ish of the KoKon had a better suggestion, offering up the idea of the creative use of sheet metal to keep the oil from dripping onto the catalytic converter. Which I might do, at some point, when it's not below zero. Car fixing should be kept to a minimum, no, scratch that, avoided entirely this time of year.

Those of you folks who live in a part of the world where heated garages are not the exception to the rule won't understand that. Trust me, it is no fun trying to work on a vehicle in the winter in Squarebanks. Outside. Many of us aren't just waterless, we're garageless, too.

But you know what I want? One of them there Subaru Brats. One of the dudes at the Anchorage Soob shop took a Brat, installed a lift kit and replaced the original engine with a 5 speed manual Loyale engine. (He said the Brat was underpowered. I can't even imagine how underpowered it might have been if a Loyale engine constitutes an upgrade.) But the end result?

The world's first Subaru light pickup! I want one!


Ishmael said...

That Brat is nice. I was all prepared to hear he put in a small block 350 V8.

Have you been to the Soob shop in Soldotna? The guy there's got a couple of the very first Soobs sold in America -- they're tiny and shaped like half a gum drop. You could probably find a feature story with pictures if you do an archive search of the Peninsula Clarion newspaper.

CabinDweller said...

Nope. Never been there, although I've probably driven past it a few times on my way to a softball tournament, or a fishing or clamming expedition.

Will keep my eyes open next time.

Ishmael said...

You have to turn up the Kenai Spur. AS you're heading north toward Kenai it'll be on your left maybe a mile or so up...