Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happiness: New Blue Foam in the Outhouse

Of course, I have to follow a serious political post by Flic with something far less weighty.

Yes, it's about time for another poop post. Okay, only tangentially, but as you might glimpse from the photo at right, the outhouse is involved so we can connect the dots here.

Blue foam, for those of you that read FBH from places where you take care of business indoors and flush afterwards, is the outhouse seat material par none if one lives in a place that drops into the minus 40s in the winter. Many parts of a person will be cold on those winter nights, but at least your butt isn't going to sitting down on a minus 40 degree wooden or plastic seat.

That stuff is, like, temperature neutral.

Life events that demand fresh blue foam in the outhouse:
  • 2007: The visit by the sort of in-laws
  • 2008: An impending baby shower
As the installer of the new foam, I took the liberty of, uh, taking it for a test drive. With the addition of a new fly strip and replacements for the old Adbusters and Harper's magazines, it is a not an altogether unpleasant experience out there.

Unless you take into account the ever increasing number of mosquitos.


Deirdre Helfferich said...

Viva la mousse bleue! ou peût-être l'écume bleue?

anyway, warmest stuff to sit on at 40 below you'll find...

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Isn't that why they call it "insulation"?

What's really nice about it is if you run out of heating oil in the middle of the winter you can always go sit your butt on the styrofoam in the outhouse to warm up!

LOL :)

Cathy said...

Hahaha....I have an outhouse post this week too.