Sunday, August 10, 2008

Just in Case You've Forgotten What Sunshine Looks Like

What kind of year is it when the summer weather is better in Nome than in the Interior?

As a public service to my fellow Squarebanksans, because we here at FBH are nothing if not civicly minded, at right is a picture as reminder of what a place might look like if it was not raining.

And it had been inundated with a record number of humpies.

Seriously, we had to fish through the humpies to find silvers. Fishing the ever trusty Pixie or Vibrax resulted in a lot of humpies, humpies gone all malakchuk-y (spelling?). Drifting eggs behind a Bouncing Betty yielded better results; the pinks seem to leave those offerings alone.


Casey said...

That's gorgeous. Those fish look like mini dolphins to me.

CabinDweller said...

Ah, if only old pinks were as pleasant as mini-dolphins might be. (Note to self: sell mini-dolphin idea to crazy clone for hire scientists.)