Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Polled Over: Defying Expectations

I think I may be weirder than I have heretofore thought. What else can explain my delight with answering telephone polls?

Got another phone call yesterday, and I am still amazed at how much pleasure I take in confounding expectations about Alaskans, particularly those of us here in Redneckville. Some polls are fairly neutral in their questions, so you can't immediately figure out what flavor of poll you might be getting; others, however, have questions so freaking obvious that you can't even guess how far right the origins of the phone call, plus they're more propaganda than question, really. But here is a more or less verbatim transcript of yesterday's queries from wingnuttery:
  • Question one: Do you consider yourself a Democrat, Republican or Independent? My answer: Independent.
  • Two: Do you oppose all new taxes, even if they are for education? Answer: Nope. Note: First hint of who is calling.
  • Three: Do you oppose all forms of gun control, even over concealed carry? Answer: Nope.
  • Four: Do you support right to work laws? Answer: I don't think they are particularly pro-worker, more anti-union, and hey, wait, that's not even on the ballot in this state.
  • Five: Should abortion be illegal in all instances, even to save the life of the mother? Answer: Nope.
Off to the polls now for me, but sadly, I'll no longer be voting at my local bar under the shiny diamonds of a disco ball. They've moved my polling location to the fire station.

Here's hoping Diane Benson can pull off an upset.

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