Tuesday, September 09, 2008


The Killa from Wasilla Muzzles the Press

Word on the streets is that the Fairbanks Daily News Miner will be barred from attending the scheduled appearances of Sarah Palin here in Fairbanks (edited 9/11/2008: more detailed intelligence indicates that its her appearance on Ft. Wainwright that will be tightly controlled, including restriction on media. The proffered reason is to protect her son from potential attacks when he goes over to Iraq. Humph. When all that appears in the press are her carefully scripted crowd-babble quotes - I argue we have muzzled press, no matter if they are in attendance or not. They might as well save gas money, stay in the office, and just use press release quotes. The time of the press conference with an uncontrolled Q&A period has definitely gone the way of the dinosaurs).

No word yet if the local men in black and the Fairbanks police department plan to pull a St. Paul on the protesters that are planning to picket some of the venues of her visit.

Where's the luv, Sarah? Not a very fine way to treat the folks who voted you into a position that enabled you to craft a piece of family-values/soccer mom fiction that is every neo-con's wet dream.


Philip Munger said...

tanks for the heads up flicthebic!

Mooselini enter Palingrad, eh?

HopeSpringsATurtle said...

Bahahaha...Mooselini...If she wins will we take over Mooscow?

Philip Munger said...

We have to take Mooscow.

It is the key to shutting down the propaganda/industrial complex in Rovegorod.

flicthebic - if you get confirmatio on the News-Miner being shut out - please call me. 907-355-6962.


Deirdre Helfferich said...

Good god. If they won't let in journalists from a lefty-leaning radical rag like the News-Miner, what the heck will they do to representatives of The Ester Republic? Yes, do let us know, Flic: 474-6923 or (home) 479-3368.

Maybe I should take a break from work today and go report on the rally.

Evan_Gelical said...

Great post - I fully expect Palin will set off some major international scuffle with her hubris before the election. After that, not even the moose will pay attention to her.

McLiar / Liar 08 !

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