Saturday, May 09, 2009

Greatest Letter to the Editor. Ever.

At least until someone one ups him. Gentlefolk, I give you the "Magic Truck" letter to the editor posted on the FDNM's website.

Thanks to KC at Geneflow for pointing this one out:
"Now the magic part comes into play. I, like almost all other pick-up truck owners, use the bed of the truck to “store” my trash. I put petrochemical based perforated carrying devices, (those are plastic bags with handles), that I acquire from Freddies, WallyWorld and all the other retail outlets in town into the bed of the truck. I put Styrofoam cups in the bed of the truck, I put paper sacks from the fast food joints into the bed of my truck."
I'll let you read the letter in its entirety and not spoil the pay off. I'd like to add that the truck fairies that are drawn to 'magic trucks' really render tarps over a load of treasure completely unnecessary.


Maia said...

My favorite part was the fact that a fair few commenters managed to completely miss the fact that it was satire, and they lit into this guy for being proud of littering.

CabinDweller said...

Amazing. I quit reading the comments after the # got quite high. Unfortunately, you can lead a hooplehead to satire, but you can't make him/her get it.