Monday, May 25, 2009

Notes from the Lower 48

Subaru count thus far: 3 in 7 days
Palin free days: 0

I'm still not back in Squarebanks, but finally found a wireless connection to piggy back from my parents' house. (Their home being computer-less and internet-less.)

After so many years living in a part of the world where Subarus comprise at least one-third of the vehicles on the road, it has been strange not to see ANY. Of course, imports are a rarity here in the mausoleum of the U.S. auto industry (Detroit-area), but sheesh. It was something like 3 days before I saw the first one, and that was in Ohio.

I thought to have a Palin-free vacation. But no, thanks to the wonder of cable news, that hope went out the door. You know those scrolling headlines at the bottom of the screen? (Yes, I'm hopelessly ignorant of teevee terms - no cable at the Squarebanks dwelling.) Well, something happened, I dunno, Palin changed her hairstyle or something, and there were headlines.

There is no escape.

That, and the fact that after confirming that I still live in the AK, all my relatives at the family reunion deep in the heart of Appalachia had to know what I thought of Her. I tried to confine my rant to a few coherent sentences for a few reasons:

1) I was sincere in my hope to avoid political discussions with the assorted family members who ranged in outlook from mildly to jaw-droppingly right wing caricature
2) Most of them actually voted for John McCain BECAUSE of her
3) The possibility that the rant might derail into other topics; having ignored a raft of racist commentary for several hours previous

So, if the SarahPAC has a goal of appealing to absolute fringe of the Republican party, well, as Dubyah might say if he was anywhere to be found, mission accomplished. My hillbilly family members, who range from well educated to backwoods old-school South, love her.

I can't get back to the Goldstream Valley quick enough.

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