Saturday, June 23, 2012

What were they thinking?

~The golden heart that greets visitors to Fairbanks ~

OK - it's no secret that the Fairbanks North Star Borough is hurting for money; after all they have had to reduce hours at the Shelter, and cut back on Parks and Recreation. And certainly, the tab to fill the Fairbanks Golden Heart with marigolds, as they used to do, must run upwards of $700 or $800.

But really....filling the heart with rocks painted yellow??? There's a word for that.

It's "Ghetto".

Maybe next year they will add in a few of these.....

~ Basic tire planter~ complete the look.


lillibird said...

Ghetto and trashy..Former Fairbanksan now living in E Washington, I visit Fbks every summer and it seems to be getting more run down as years go by.. I'll be there next month to see the beautiful painted rocks..whoopee!

Aaron Grey said...

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CabinDweller said...

Hello Aaron Grey! It's a bit late, but why not post your website addy in a comment and I can go visit and add it?