Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Redistricted Back Into the 'Banks

Funny how a committee gets to move the boundaries on a map, just draw some lines really, and it can alter the political landscape.

Yesterday, I woke up to the news that my little neck of the woods, Goldstream Valley, has been returned to the Fairbanks area.  We had a brief little interlude of being gerrymandered the hell out here, along with Ester.  Goldstream isn't an incorporated place, just a general location, and is just a shade less kooky, lefty, and out there than Ester.

This is a pretty much "live and let live provided you don't do anything too shady like running a meth lab or start the neighborhood on fire" kind of place with all welcome:  lefties, anarchists, homeschoolers, alpaca owners, Democrats, dog mushers, university kids, tradesmen, vegans, bluegrass fans, punk fans, Bible thumpers, atheists, yoga practicioners, chicken raisers, composters .... all doing their own thing, largely, and appreciating that their neighbors are doing their own thing, too. 

And that is just fine.

Let's just say there is a "Goldstream State of Mind" and pause for a moment to imagine the truly awesome country song that we might write if we had the time and didn't have to get to work this morning.

But removing Ester and Goldstream from the equation really meant it was going to be easier to elect the sorts of conservatives Interior Alaska is (in)famous for -- the Mike Kelly, Tammie Wilson sorts --- and that is really what the previous version of the map was all about with regard to the Interior.

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Bubba S said...

Just stumbled upon your blog here. Very nicely done. We travel to Ester, Goldstream, Fairbanks every summer as my partner is from there. My two sons were in the Ester 4th of July parade last year and had a great time. This old Texas boy can't wait to return this summer and can't wait to move up there in the very near future. Again, nice blog and look forward to reading y'all's updates as soon as you post more. Take care up there and keep warm.