Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Night: Am I Having a Good Dream for Once

Okay, so I'm some kind of crackhead who couldn't make the CNN free Pipeline thing work. It's no big, because I'm at a location with cable television tonight. I've been driving everyone crazy jumping back and forth between CNN and local coverage.

And, how bout that? Hot damn! Looks like Seekins is out. And Kawasaki is in, finally, it looks like. Sadly, it looks like Knowles won't pull this one off, but I kind of expected Halcro to be the spoiler in that one anyway.

It is a shame that Benson doesn't look to be defeating Young, but she had a fine showing. And oh yeah, Don? You demonstrated how in tune you are with that prediction that the Dems wouldn't pick up any seats. Remarkably accurate there, except for the fact that it is possible they took the House and Senate.

Holy crap! I thought they might pull the House, but didn't think they could take the Senate, too. Unfortunately, that 30-something year-old thing is forcing me to go get some sleep. But you know? I feel like my country is waking up from a long national nightmare. Let's hope the Dems will accomplish something and govern more effectively* than the Republicans have for the last few years with their majority.

As the sort-of candidate from Texas, Kinky Friedman said:

"How hard can it be?"

*Where to start? That could be the subject of a post unto itself.

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