Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Alaska Wireless is Closing Up Shop.

And the screams of the couch potatoes will be heard as far as Delta Junction.

So, the rumor I heard last night turns out to be true. Alaska Wireless is closing up shop here in Squarebanks at the end of this month. When I spoke with a salesperson this morning, she confirmed it. And for the record, she was very professional and gave me a few recommendations on other companies that might provide internet and cable teevee.

Unfortunately, it seems, AW is not really advertising the fact that it is out of here. I went to their website and there is no mention of the fact that they won't be providing service after the end of December. I wonder if they'll do anything to inform those who expect to be sitting slumped in front of The Tube* after a night of New Year's revelry that they better find someone else to get them their dose of programming while they recuperate.

Wow. There are gonna be a lot of pissed off football fans.

*The teevee, The Boob Tube. Not to be confused with Uncle Ted's system of tubes by which I post this entry.
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