Friday, December 22, 2006

Pre-Christmas, And I'm Still at Work Playlist

And I Went and Screwed Up the Blog Template
  • Flathead, by The Fratellis
  • You, You, You, You, You, by The 6ths and Katherine Whalen
  • Radar, by the Transmissionary Six
  • Jams Runs Free, by Sonic Youth
  • Postcards from Italy, by Beirut
  • Unlisted, by Carolyn Mark
  • Steady Rollin', by Two Gallants
  • So Much Love, by Alton Ellis
  • I Don't Wanna Go Home, by The Slackers
  • Flats and Jobs, by The Gurus
  • I'm on You, by Izabo
  • Shattered, by The Trucks
  • Standing in the Way of Control, by The Gossip
  • Retreat (Phones Mix), by the Rakes
  • The Power is On, The Go! Team
  • A Bocquinha e Minha, Juliana e Fogosa
  • Bole 2 Harlem, Bole 2 Harlem
  • Jaw Modulation, Head Set
  • Adir Alam, Balkan Beat Box
Sources include the always marvellous KEXP-Seattle, various mp3 sites, and of particular note, a certain British chick who introduced me to the wonders of Alton Ellis. How could I not have had any Alton Ellis?

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