Sunday, July 13, 2008

Somewhere on the Lower Yukon

No plumbing? No problem. Here's an example of the great ingenuity that abounds in bush Alaska: a five gallon bucket, some copper tubing and a Coleman burner hooked up to a conventionally plumbed bathtub and shower. Just read the instructions first, and mind the shower curtain!


Ishmael said...

Are you on a research trip into the Bush to bring back appropriate technology for the Cabin Dweller lifestyle?

Can we get a schematic of the set-up, because I'm not sure what the 5-gallon bucket is for.... Can this be adapted to a gravity-fed system? How is the ideal temperature achieved (mixing hot and cold)? Finally, can you buy an asbestos shower curtain?

CabinDweller said...

Oh my god. The solution! Since a big part of my house search is ruled by my promise that we'd have a shower indoors someday ... this could buy me years more 'dry cabin' living.