Thursday, July 31, 2008

That's It, I've Had It

If the weather MUST be rain, rain, and more rain, screw it. What do Squarebanksans cite as the reason to live here despite the serious winter cold? The summer. The summer which usually is warm and frequently sunny. The summer which has not materialized here.

I'm going to Nome. Might as well deal with coastal weather on the coast; at least the fishing is better. Might as well burn up some Alaska Airlines mileage, too, because I suspect that the requirements for awards will continue to sneak upward; that or they go away entirely at some point.

Posting shall be a possibility, but I'm promising nothing at this point. I'm going fishing. And there is a strong possibility of a bar crawl, too.

Back to you, Flic.

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Art Vandelay said...

Same thing here in Kodiak. Our summer has been cold and wet. We did have a nice few days this week but it doesn't make up for the crappy summer we've had. Soon winter will be here and I'll be dealing with those temperatures in the 40's.