Saturday, January 03, 2009

I'd Whine About It, But I Have No Idea How Cold It Is

Those having frequented FBH for a little while may recall my borderline obsessive pursuit of an accurate low reading thermometer last year.

Well, here we are in a bit of real weather (also, apparently, a recurring theme here) and I really can't tell you much other than it is colder than minus 40, or as we now refer to it, "Oh fuck!"

This new reference to temperature coming from the not-so-trusty outdoor digital thermometer, which quits at minus 40 and merely displays "OF." Not having bothered to read the manual, not being able to figure out where the S.O. stowed the manual, I'm going with the most reasonable entertaining explanation for that acronym. Sure, it could mean something pedestrian like 'off' but let's not ruin a perfectly good substitute explanation.

"It's still O.F. this morning," the S.O. announced, (though using the full term.)

Although this cold snap is giving us all something to talk about we ought to really keep this in perspective. While Fairbanks and Anchorage folks are blogging, the tv reporters are filing stories nightly, and all the newbies are taking pictures of the UAF temperature marquee at the corner of College and University ... Eastern Interior has been far colder than we have, with minus 50s all round. Take a look at the lowest temp for Alaska this morning: Eagle, minus 56. And I could swear that I saw Ft. Yukon with -58 yesterday.

If you think we have it rough here in the Fairbanks wilderburbs, consider the fact that when it gets that cold, folks living off the road system in smaller communities won't see a plane coming in for days, even weeks at a time. Chalkyitsik hasn't seen a plane since shortly after Christmas.

Stay warm, people.

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Ishmael said...

I bet there might be a resource over at the University who could recommend an accurate thermometer - something official weather observers use.... I'll do some research, too.