Monday, January 05, 2009

Yes, I'm a Dirty, Rotten Gloater

Temps in my part of the Goldstream Valley this morning as I try to get to work?

Minus 22. But it seems to be dropping. Again.

Perhaps we had a bit of cloud cover in the wee hours here in the Valley as the O.F. thermometer (see earlier post) was telling me we hit a balmy minus 10. Or maybe we had a breeze? Couldn't tell at 4 a.m. because I don't function well at that time of day, but I woke up, as I've been doing, to check the wood stove. By the time I was struggling to get up to go to work, it had hit minus 14.

At right: Heading down from the top of Ballaine Hill, on Saturday afternoon, into the Fairbanks area. On a clear day, you can usually see Denali in the distance.

Stay warm!

And, Flic, time for hot toddies.


Ishmael said...

I hate ice fog. I used to wait for the bus in it.

CabinDweller said...

Yeah, nothing like sucking down some nice, cold, concentrated polluted air.

If it's not summer smoke, it's ice fog.

KCB said...

Holy cow, that's cold. It was 80 here today in Austin. No fog, but the air is filled with irritating ashe juniper ("cedar") pollen. Blech.