Monday, March 09, 2009


Two other bloggers, Naturelady at Boreal Kraut and Dusty Bee at Well Seasoned Woman, dropped us comments saying they'd nominated FBH for a Lemonade Award.

To which I say, on behalf of Flic the Bic and and I, thank you. Awards make me twitchy. I try not to talk about blogging itself usually - better to just write about the stuff rattling around the old brain pan - but I suppose a nod from others won't kill us.


The award, vaguely dedicated to blogs showing 'great attitude or gratitude' requires one to bestow the same upon 10 other bloggers. And copy the lemonade stand thingey at right.

Does this mean we have a good attitude? Because we've worked very hard to communicate our bad attitudes about many things great and small here in Squarebanks. We've stuck to our amateurish layout, bad grammar and profanity for a reason. We're amateurs. We both deal with grammar and style in our day jobs and see no need to muck about with it on our free time. We both make liberal use of profanity.

Whatever the psychological implications of taking part in this may be, I'll play. Oh, and I'm implementing a new rule of my own. I won't nominate either blog that nominated me. Otherwise these things turn into a mutual nominating thing and suddenly we're all patting each other on the back. And I'm nominating five other blogs, not ten, because I am on mug of coffee number one and lack motivation.

1. Keeping it Real - When I read this blog I feel like I am still living out in coastal Alaska and have someone to talk to about it. (And shares my love of nigipiaq.) And the pictures are cool, too.

2. Kodiak Konfidential - He of photoshopping She Who Shall Not Be Named's face into a Vogue cover. I suspect that if Ish lived in Squarebanks we'd sit at the Eagle having a beer, coming up with even better blog ideas.

3. Redneck Mother - Not an Alaskan blog, but if I am ever a momma, I am so going to steal ideas from her and have to read back through a few years of 'raising children, lettuce and hell."

4. Ester Republic - The indie publication serving the Peoples Independent Republic of Ester and beyond.

5. AK Dave Down Under - Beer, koalas, and lots of pics of warm climate critters. Oh, and more titillating post titles than you can shake a stick at.


BBC said...

Awards, never did get into that, I just do my thing.

BBC said...

Forget about whether the state of Alaska should continue to support the existence of villages.

What I question is why Alaska sends big checks to so called Alaskan's that live down here when they never intend on going back and don't spend their money in Alaska.

Hell, if they are going to be drunks on Alaska's money shouldn't they be drunks there?

KCB said...

You're too kind! As for taking parenting advice from me, don't try that at home...