Thursday, March 12, 2009

OMG - Yet Another One

This is bordering on the ridiculous, as well as the redundant. But who knew when I started this little gag list back in '07, that it would grow, and grow, and, well, grow.

The latest ex-legislator to do the perp walk is Bev Masek. She bumps Kott off the list as the Cheapest Date in the House - since VECO bought her for a mere 4K.

Santa's The FBI's Little List (First posted in December 2007 - Updated on March 12, 2009)

Tom Anderson : Naughty Gray Bar Hotel
Bill Allen: Very, Very, Very Naughty Pled Guilty
Rick Smith: NaughtyPled Guilty
Pete Kott: Naughty and Easy Gray Bar Hotel
Bruce Weyhrauch: Naughty Indicted
John Cowdery: Naughty Indicted, Pled Guilty, House Arrest
Vic Kohring: Naughty Gray Bar Hotel
Ben Stevens: Very Naughty - In the Bag
Ted Stevens: Very, Very Naughty and Haughty - CONVICTED!
Don Young: Naughty and Rude, Under Investigation and Spending $ Like Crazy
Frank Murkowski: Naughty and Slow, Give 'im rope
Jim Clark: Very, Very, Very Naughty Pled Guilty
James C. Hayes: Indicted, Tried and Convicted Gray Bar Hotel
Murilda "Chris" Hayes: Indicted, Pled Out, Gray Bar Hotel
Beverly Masek: Pled Guilty, Gray Bar Hotel

Oh, and on an entirely different political topic, How about those ruptured nuptials of Bristol Palin - are we surprised? The death knell of that particular union was rung on the day that the future mom-in-law got busted for drug dealing. To paraphrase a certain song about rehab (or in this case, drug-dealing): SarahPAC says no, no, no!

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