Wednesday, April 15, 2009

T Bag Day: I Suggest an Alternative Beverage

At right, my peoples, is my T Bag day offering:
a nice, strong cup of coffee in my favorite mug.

Good, sensible stuff: great to wake up to, handy to turn a snoozy drunk into an alert one, a nonthreatening it-is-sort-of-a-date move, an "Ohmigod I have four hours to finish this thing?" necessity.

And, frankly, much better for you than whatever the hell kind of Koolaid the rightwingers have been tripping on for the last couple of weeks. Perhaps the T Baggers just need to have a nice, simple cup of coffee and take ten deep breaths?

I've been working long hours lately, out of town, so I've been only casually following Alaska happenings. But due to the circumstances of fate, I had the unforeseen, uh, pleasure, of seeing a bunch of Fox News during that time. And let me tell ya, those people are worked up about something. I'm not sure what. Maybe it is that they lost the election and still haven't gotten over it.

But clearly, the right wing media machine is foaming and fomenting.

It's kind of like that whole 'wear your gun around town' protest that a bunch of Fairbanks hoopleheads held a couple of months ago. (A 'movement' now complete with its own 'task force'!) People were riled over a bill introduced in Congress (one that even Don Young admitted was going nowhere) that would have required state or federal licenses for gun ownership and given the AG power to track sales. That bill was DOA, but the right wing machine ramped up the rhetoric and agita like it was the Second Coming. (Of Stalin.)

Note to wingnuts: I'm one of those Alaskan lefty gun owners; I didn't buy what you were peddling. I did not strut around all day with any of my guns.

And so the strange right wing freak out continues. Last I checked, Obama gave us a tax cut. Ostensibly this costume party is about taxes, but it is more about ... again, remind me what this is about?


Ishmael said...

It's all about those rightwingnut perverts' obsession with Teabagging.

CabinDweller said...

Heh heh. [Evil cackle.]

I happened to catch a few eps of the Rachel Maddow show (at the same time I endured some Fox News) ... she sure did have some fun with that one.