Monday, January 29, 2007

But was the eagle flying under VFR, or IFR?

Heh. Perhaps that is too obscure a ref, but since you can't swing a cat without hitting a pilot at just about any gathering in this state, maybe someone will appreciate that...

It seems Juneau lost power after an overly ambitious eagle carrying a deer head failed to clear a power line. Dead eagle and deer head were found by repair men.

I remember we lost power once in that other place I used to live when one of the guys at the power plant flipped over in the chair in which he was reclining and hit some inappropriate controls.
But anyhow, what about this 20 degree weather in January? I'm dying to get a good ski in, but alas, the weather dudes are predicting freezing rain that might just muck that all up.

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Ishmael said...

It's obvious the bird wasn't equipped with Juneau's much-vaunted Capstone navigation system (to extend the aviation simile).