Sunday, April 29, 2007

Say Wha????*

Fairbanks Daily News Miner, April 26, 2007:

Hayes impeachment hearings begin
Legislators, however, say the measure will cost too much money

So ran the title and subtitle in Friday’s above-the-fold story. How about a little irony with your morning latte? I mean, come on people – the legislature is getting hinky over spending $425,000 to potentially impeach an University Regent who has missed a significant number of meetings, and who has about 26 federal indictments against him for fraud (and his wife has 93)….but batted not an eye at the waste of $1.2 million for the so-called advisory vote that amounted to absolutely nothing?

Sooooo, let me get this right….spending beaucoup bucks to forward the religious right’s intolerant agenda (BOO! Mr Coghill – there is a gay around every corner working avidly to undermine the “sanctity” of marriage) doesn’t constitute spending too much money, but spending a quarter of that to remove an embarrassment who refuses to do the decent thing and step down, does?

Did I really expect anything different from a legislative body that housed the “alleged” Corrupt Bastards Club ? Nope. After all, birds of a feather flock together. No doubt there are those in the lege that can relate to Mr. and Mrs. Hayes, and the “oh shit” feelings that must arise when all of one’s files are boxed up and removed by men and women wearing rubber gloves and letter jackets (and no I don’t mean those from Texas A&M).

And how about those selective constitutional readers that we got down there? Funny how they can gloss right the hell over the “equal protection” clause, but man oh man, they sure do like to lean on “innocent until proven guilty” when dealing with those of their own ilk that have run afoul of the federales.

Say no more.

*OK, OK, so I am not timely with this blog since yesterday’s news reported that Hayes finally resigned as a Regent, but I still have an axe to grind here about the shameless lege noodling over cost.
photo: FBI raids the office of Senator Ben Stevens, Juneau Alaska. August 31, 2006

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