Friday, April 13, 2007

"... we could be the OPEC capital of the world for hydrogen gas"

-- Representative For All Alaskans, Don Young, on why damming the Susitna River would be a good idea

It occurred to me this morning that I rarely write about Lisa Murkowski, aka, Murkowski v.2., The Smarter One. Reflecting on this omission, I've decided it's just no fun to make fun of her. Yet. And she doesn't seem to get a lot of press, which gives the impression she's not doing much. That's probably unfair, as being a junior senator means she doesn't have a lot of pull.

It's not a problem really for the blogularly-minded, because if it is a day ending in 'y' we can count on Don Young for material. Seriously, the man has a nearly unrivaled case of foot-in-mouth disease. To which end, I offer the following excerpts from an appearance he made here in Squarebanks at Pike's Landing.

Don Young on seniority and why we need to keep electing him and Uncle Ted. Hint: It's all about the pork:
"The reason I'm bringing this up is, between Ted Stevens and myself, Senator Stevens and Lisa Murkowski, we are the second largest economy in this state. And I'm proud of that - but - having said I'd be here forever, that's not really true. Senator Stevens is gonna leave us some day and I'm going to leave you too. And it takes all those years to bring up that seniority to be able to achieve those goals.
Don Young goes Green, or, something:
...I'd build the Susitna Dam in a heartbeat. But there is no market for it. I'd build it in a heartbeat and let the state build it. I'd build it for two reasons. One is, it's right for the state, we'd electrify the state. And secondly, if you think about it, we could be the OPEC capital of the world for hydrogen gas. If you think I've been smoking pot, I don't. But the truth of the matter is, we could be. Hydrogen gas, clean fuels, because hydrogen is created by electricity and water. That's all it is.
Okay, he gets points for being aware of the potential of hydrogen as a clean fuel.

On federal earmarks and the construction of bridges... bridges, it turns out, don't actually go anywhere:
And lastly, I, you know, I got a lot of criticism for the Bridges of Nowhere. And by the way, there's never been a bridge that ever went anywhere, including the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge, you name it. Never went anywhere. Until you got to the other side, then it went somewhere."
You can watch the whole presentation on YouTube, if you can bear it, in the Links section.


Deirdre Helfferich said...

The Amazing Don Young, Stupordoofus of the North.

Lisa Murkowski, despite her reputation as a stalwart defender of civil rights (she stalled on the Patriot Act re-up! wowee!) has given American citizens and/or captives the shaft, just like Donny-boy and Pro-Torture Ted. There's plenty to criticize about her, too, alas.

CabinDweller said...

Yeah, I should pay more attention. It's just that Young is so flamboyantly bad that it is impossible to resist him. (So I end up paying less attention to Uncle Ted and Murkowski.)

Deirdre Helfferich said...

Yep, flamboyant, and a heck of a lot funnier (tho' he's dead serious).

Heh, heh.