Tuesday, April 17, 2007

An Unfair Proposal to Get Its Fair Hearing Today

HJR 9, which is not just a thinly disguised piece of hate but also a superb waste of time when Alaskans and The Lege ought to be concentrating on Palin's AGIA, gets the hearing that House Judiciary Chair Jay "Women in Bikinis Selling Hot Wings on TV" Ramras promised it would receive.

What more can be said? Coghill and Co. spent $1.2 million to try to drum up the political mojo to get their constitutional amendment to stick it to gay people yet again... and as it turns out, the amendment would stick it to unmarried heterosexual couples sharing benefits, too. (Helloooo University employees!)

The pertinent info: House Judiciary Committee meeting today at 1 p.m.

Of the seven members of the committee, three (Coghill, Lynn and co-chair Dahlstrom) are sponsors of HJR9. Three others (chair Ramras, Samuels and Greenberg) represent districts that voted in favor of the amendment. Only Holmes (D-Anchorage) represents a district that voted against the measure.

While the results from the advisory vote indicate that the pro-amendment folks don't have the votes to get this thing through The Lege, I wonder if its supporters will try to push on with it anyway.

Despite the fact that we, as a state, have far more important business to to which we might attend.

And seriously, follow that link up there on the AGIA. Alaskan Abroad has an excellent post on the Canucks and how they are dealing with Big Oil on projects. To sum up: They're not rolling over belly up in submission. But more on that tomorrow.

*Edited at ~11am for crap grammar, etc.


Ishmael said...

Have you heard anything about the hearing? I haven't....

I heard it hit 60 over the weekend up thataway! What up? It's still in the 30s down here.

CabinDweller said...

I listened to quite a bit of it at work, but wasn't willing to sit through the whole thing.

60 degrees? Nah. 48 on Saturday, 52 on Sunday, in the 20s at night. But yesterday? 59. It's the Interior, Ish. Spring rocks!

Ishmael said...

It's snowing again here in Kodiak (Thursday afternoon). Yay.