Monday, June 05, 2006

"What the Hell, Why Not?" Bites Me in the Butt Again

Or, perhaps it was its younger sister, The Law of Unintended Consequences...

As those familiar with my life choices know all too well, my decision-making process usually starts out well with the time-honored approach of logic, but veers off the tracks (usually because of boredom) straight into the oncoming headlight of the question:

"What the Hell, Why Not?"

It's a very simple way to make decisions, large and small, and certainly simplifies those occasions when your friends forget any previous experience with your advice-giving and ask for some more.

A sampling of such:

Q: Should I move to an itty bitty boozy little Alaskan town off the road system?
A: What the Hell, why not?

Q: Should we try to use that old, non-functional satellite dish sitting in the yard at someone's house as a 'lid' of sorts for the pig roast tomorrow, thereby relieving us of the duty of digging the hole as deep as requested by people who know what they are doing? Ya know, just dig halfway and throw the dish on top?
A: What the Hell, why not?

Q: Another beer for you?
A: What the Hell, why not?

And so on. Very simple. Even drunk* people can manage it.

It was with this very sort of considered deliberation that I embarked upon my brilliant and cunning plan to try to fix the formatting issues with this blog. Suddenly, with a mere click of the mouse, all my inexpert tinkering was undone - gone were the links, gone was the resizing, gone was all that trial-and-error stuff. And the dratted graphic** I wanted to display still isn't displaying in the sidebar.

So starting up on the Murkowski gas line plan waits till tomorrow. But as you might expect, it's a bad one.

*Not that I've been drinking. I try not to drunk dial, drunk post, or drunk drive. This is sober idiocy at work here.

** Ed. note, 5:17 p.m.: By God/dess, the power of reading! Lookit, lookit! A graphic.

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