Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Why we all need a summer vacation

Man, I just turned around and a week had gone by without my noticing.

Summers, particularly the nice, warm ones we have here in Squarebanks, are just not a great time to have a real job. You know, the kind where you go to work every day and accrue leave gradually until you can finally get your two weeks off per year?* It's becoming increasingly difficult to go to work and stay there when it is beautiful like this.

Don't mind me, it is just the daylight doing its manic work. A few days of sunshine and suddenly I don't even care that the fast mosquitoes are out and another damned squirrel has taken up residence in the cabin roof.

All this, of course, leading to the point that I've been just too busy to post. And the warm, sunny days, and requisite beer drinking, make this particular CabinDweller too fat and happy to really rant about what a crap deal Murkowski's gas plan is. I'm gonna get to it, I tell ya, one day.

But it is a crap plan. Even Wally Hickel, Mr. "You can't just let nature run Wild", thinks it is a crap plan that will make Alaskans assume a greater portion of the price tag and risk - while tying the hands of all three branches of government if Big Oil doesn't behave nicely.

Really, we should just trust their good intentions. Big Oil just wants to take care of us, if we could only just not cause them any trouble or ask too many questions.

I nearly passed out from the strain of rolling my eyes on that previous sentence.

*And if you are particularly unlucky, those two weeks are always spent visiting family back east. And it is not at all unpatriotic to note that all those European countries which certain of our countrymen disparage get four to six weeks off per year!! What the hell?? And I mean that not in the good way.

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