Sunday, June 04, 2006

Where the hell did summer go?

Or, Losing Alaska Cred by Whining About the Weather

[whine]When I glanced out the window at the thermometer yesterday evening, it was showing 35 degrees.

This is the third frost since in a week here at my place in the Goldstream. Can we just get this over with already?

Now, it's not as if getting another hard frost was out of the realm of likely events, this being Fairbanks and all, but the summers here have spoiled me greatly in the two years since I moved back.

I was completely accustomed to freezing my butt off in some of the other places I've lived in Alaska. I can remember one summer where it rained for 57 days in a row. You want to see a town fully of bitchy people? Live with 40-some degrees and misty rain for nearly two months in the supposed summer. That'll get to you quicker than clouds of mosquitos, dust, high prices and no roads connecting to the larger world.

Fairbank's summers, on the other hand, have been delightful, aside from the smoke and dust. You can raise tomatoes, here, for god's/dess'* sake!

Speaking of tomatoes, a friend was kind enough to give me a few spare plants after the frost got mine last weekend. They are sitting, safe and warm, on my window sill in the cabin - luckily, the warning about frost came out before I got around to planting them outdoors. To which I say, Ha! Procrastination pays off!

It's come up to a balmy 40 degrees. Whoo. Looks like the Beer Drinking and Grilling on the Deck is cancelled today. When I get motivated enough, will go uncover the plants outside and see how they survived last night - we're up for another frost tonight.

At least the skeeters are not a problem right now.
*Your choice. The fundies haven't established their theocracy YET.

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